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Komodo National Park map carpediem

Padar Island

Padar island komodo

Padar Island is a true paradise for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers. Known for its dramatic landscapes, crystal-clear waters, and rich biodiversity, Padar Island promises an unforgettable experience.

Rangko Cave


Rangko Cave is adorned with intricate stalactite formations that hang like chandeliers from the cave's ceiling. Marvel at these natural sculptures as you venture deeper into the cave. The cave is home to a tranquil pool of crystal-clear, emerald waters.

Manta Point

Manta point komodo

Manta Point is a dive site that promises an extraordinary underwater experience. Renowned for its resident population of majestic manta rays, this underwater sanctuary beckons divers and snorkelers from around the globe.

Pink Beach


Pink Beach gets its name and fame from the rosy hue of its sands, which result from a unique blend of red and white coral fragments. Witness this stunning natural phenomenon as you stroll along the shore or relax on the beach

Gili Lawa

Gili Lawa komodo.jpg

Gili Lawa is renowned for its dramatic viewpoints that offer panoramic vistas of the surrounding islands, crystal-clear waters, and picturesque bays. Hiking to the viewpoints is a must for nature enthusiasts and photographers.

Kanawa Island


Kanawa Island is renowned for its clear and inviting waters, perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving. Explore the vibrant underwater world, home to colorful coral gardens and a diverse array of marine life.

Kelor Island


Hike to the island's viewpoints for breathtaking panoramic vistas of the surrounding islands, the azure sea, and the picturesque coastline. It's an ideal spot for capturing the beauty of the Indonesian archipelago.

Loh Liang Komodo


The star attractions of the island, Komodo dragons, are the world's largest living lizards. Witness these prehistoric creatures in their natural habitat through guided tours, providing a unique and thrilling experience.



Manjarite are one of the inhabitanting island of the Komodo national park. Its calm crystal clear water and rich bio diversity coral reef are perfect for snorkeling, kayaking and other water activities.

Taka Makassar


Taka Makassar is a sandbar formed by the accumulation of white sand over time, making it stand out starkly against the azure waters. Its ever-changing shape and size create a dynamic environment.

Kalong Island

Kalong island komodo.jpg

As dusk descends, the skies above Kalong Island come alive with thousands of flying fox bats leaving their roosts in search of food. Witness this awe-inspiring natural spectacle as the bats fill the evening sky, creating a surreal experience.

Long Beach


Offers a sense of remote seclusion and tranquility, making it an ideal destination for healing. The beach boasts soft white sands that stretch along the shoreline, inviting visitors to relax, sunbathe, and enjoy leisurely walks in a serene atmosphere.

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