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  • Is Life jacket provided on the boat?
    Yes. We provide life vest and snorkling gear for 10 persons on the boat.
  • Is there any WIFI on the boat?
    We're sorry we dont have any WIFI on the boat. But if you really need internet connection, we reccomend you to use Telkomsel. They have great connection most of the area.
  • Can i fish on the boat?
    Komodo national park is a protected environment, the rules forbid us to fish here. However, there are some areas that is allowed to fish and we could take you there if you like.
  • Do you have electricity on the boat?
    Yes we do. Electricity available 24 hours. In daylight we use electricity from the engine, in the night we use fuel powered generator.
  • How to book the boat?
    To book the boat, please check on our calendar and see if the dates available. Then you can fill the form and we'll check them and get to you soon. If you need quick answers or more information about the boat you can contact us through whatsapp/ instagram.
  • Is there hot water for shower?
    We're sorry, at this moment we don't have any hot water. However, we will make sure you have enough fresh water to shower.
  • Do you serve alcohol on the boat?
    We're really sorry we dont serve alcohol on the boat. But we could help to prepare them for you with extra fees. Just let us know what you need and our team will bought them to you.
  • I have certain alergy, can i request food?"
    Yes you can. We have experience handling guest with certain allergy. Please let us know what you could not eat and our team will adjust the menu for you.
  • What's the maximum capacity of the boat?
    The boat is ideal for 8 persons, 2 persons in the Master cabin, 2 persons in 2nd cabin and 4 persons in the 3rd cabin (bunk bed). However, if guest feel comfortable to share spaces, we can fit 10-12 persons in the boat with extra matress and sleeping bag.
  • Is it okay for kids to sail with us?
    Our boats are totally safe for kids. Our team will be very helpful to parents who brought their kids. However, we do not recomend infant to sail with us because of the constant moving boat that might affect them.
  • How much does the komodo national park entrance fee cost?
    When traveling to komodo national park area, you'll be asked to buy tickets in certain area. This fee is used to mantain the national park area. We estimated total tickets fee to enter komodo national park around Rp. 350.000,00 / pax
  • What time the boat depart?
    Normally we would pick guests 08.00 AM and start the trip around 09.00 AM, but if your plane arrived the same day, we could always depart whenever you are ready. Usually plane land around 03.00 PM, so we could start the trip at 04.00 PM. However we always reccomend our guest to arrive a day before.
  • Can we change the ittinerary?
    Yes you can. Our trip ittinerary could be changes depending on guest request and sea conditions, our captain will know what is the best time to visit certain area.
  • What time will the trip finish?
    Normally boat will be back to the city around 04.00 PM, but if you have plane to catch, we could adjust our ittinerary to fit your schedule. Just let us know before the trip begin.
  • Do you provide documentation of the trip?
    No we do not include documentation on the trip. However you are welcome to bring any camera or drone you have.
  • Where is the meeting point?
    Our boat will be waiting in the harbour "Dermaga kayu" or sometimes people call them "Pelabuhan kampung ujung". We can also pick you up on the airport or hotels around the city.
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